Hi I’m Anka, the Fearlancer.

FEARLANCER: /noun / – a person who helps others to consciously push through their fears to improve their lives.

Synonyms: life coach, life choreographer, life strategist, trainer, educator, problem solver, life and career adviser, mentor, life guide

Antonyms: therapist, counsellor, psychologist

Anna Zawislak, Anka to her friends.
I help people who, just like you, want to achieve that immense feeling of accomplishment and inner peace that comes with living an authentic and exciting life, on your terms.

Over the years, I have seen (too) many unhappy people – stuck in a rut, wasting their amazing potential, even making themselves unwell. I was once one of them: the more I seemed to achieve, the unhappier I was.

Eventually, I found a way out of it, and as I continued practising my new techniques my life began to turn around. In 2011 I started sharing these life-changing strategies with other people. And it soon started bringing positive results to them too.

In the same way that a choreographer arranges dance movements for a special performance, I help my clients to arrange all aspects of their lives into one whole dynamic and working system.

I have extensive knowledge, and provide practical guidance and personal support in two ways: through group workshops and 1:1 life coaching sessions, crafted to your unique needs.



I believe everyone has come to this world for a reason. Every human being has the potential and resources to overcome any stumbling blocks life puts in their way. But in today’s hectic world we no longer know how.
My goal is to create happy communities, one (happy) person at the time. Happy community=happy society=happy world. We can and must follow our true calling. Despite of it all. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Training and Qualifications:

  • M.A. in Education. My thesis was about happiness.
  • Pedagogy and Psychology Faculty graduate, B.A. in social work with family.
  • Registered social worker, member of British Health and Social Care Council, DBS checked.
  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (The Coaching Academy), and licensed Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® trainer.


MY TEACHERS (and useful resources for you)

MY TEACHERS (and useful resources for you)

Check out my teachers and useful resources that I regularly use. These are my secret sources of inspiration and guidance.. shhh!!!
  • Louise Hay. She is simply a messiah. Love yourself and heal your life.
  • Paul McKenna. A man who can change your life in 7 days. Helpful if you are looking for ‘your big dream’.
  • Tony Robbins. – he trained Oprah Winfrey to do a fire walk. He is a true Vulcan of energy.
  • Dr Daniel Seidman. Smoke Free in 30 days. It does what it says on the tin – plus so much more.
  • Barbel Mohr. The Cosmic Ordering Service. A classic for those who don’t believe that thoughts can change your life.
  • Living with a Dominator. A must read for those who are or have been in abusive relationships.
  • Barbara De Angelis. If you wonder whether he or she is the right one for you. Fabulous for great relationships.
  • Angels. Yep, time to reveal my cards. Every client (and friend) now asks me to draw a card for them at the end of each call or session. Look up Doreen Virtue or Oracle Cards.
  • Julia Cameron. The Artist Way. Unlock your creative potential and free yourself. We’re all artists!
  • And of course Susan Jeffers and her Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway® – my bible. Without it my life would probably still be miserable.

Dance with me. (Can you hear the music yet?)